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Our Programs

Business Consultation

Case Management

A Few Good Roots Inc. is committed to helping the neediest among the Richmond, VA tri-cities area. Learn more about our charitable services for Case Management, and see how you can receive resources to assist you whether you are in a crisis or just need skill-building. 


Correctional Programs & Re-entry

AFGR partners with VA Department of Corrections and Henrico County Sheriff Office to provide re-entry resources and connection to mental, substance abuse and independent living group therapy to inmates. We  provide this service with student interns from VSU and VCU Master level programs.


Aunties Pantry

A Few Good Roots Inc. cares for every member of the Richmond, VA community, no matter what their background or situation may be. Our Aunties Pantry program involves a passionate group of volunteers coming together and providing a charitable service for those who need it most. Lend a helping hand and join our efforts today.

Lunch Bags

Day One Bags

We help the less-fortunate with our "Day One Bag" program. If you’re looking to play a part, find out more about how to donate, volunteer, or receive resources. Your help really makes all the difference to our charity recipients. Contact us to learn more about our different services and how you can help us make a difference in the Richmond, VA community.

A Hallowed Place

A Few Good Roots Inc. provides recovery housing for individuals in need. "A Hallowed Place” is sober living home in Eastern Henrico that has space for 9 men seeking sobriety.

Please contact Ms. White at 804-833-0467 for application inquires.

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